Mother, Wife, Witch, Goddess!

When I finally sat in Circle that first time, I knew I had been here before.

As I felt myself come home in this body, I remembered the Circle of another lifetime. The way we came together to speak, to listen, to celebrate, to support. I remembered the power of reclaiming not only myself, but the Sisterhood.
I had felt lost for some time, drifting in the busy-ness of raising three children and placing my own joy somewhere down the list.

I was feeling weathered, overwhelmed and far too harsh on those I loved.
Truth be told, I was playing the victim, as if it was all out of my control, but it was my self-care that lacked the depth that would allow me to awaken to the true spirit of me.

This depth I found in Circle.

I recognised that I was living disconnected from the essence of what my body, my temple, housed. I was living in a constant state of doing, driven by Ego. There was no cycling with my womb, harmonising with the seasons or honouring the birth, death, rebirth cycles. I was living apart from the barefoot child that I grew up as, separate from the Witch I had claimed as a teen.

When I heard the call though, my whole being shifted. It was like a switch flicked and I instantly began feeling again.

All of a sudden, I recognised my soul’s whispers and I could understand what I was being told. There’s nothing quite like awakening to yourself, your gifts and your womb.

It was then I learned about the red thread.

The red thread connects us all, Woman to Earth, to Mother, to Daughter, to Sister and beyond.

It symbolises our blood, our bond and delivered through it, we receive the wisdom of our ancestors.

We also receive their wounds. These wounds that run so deep into the collective, but that we as women are being called to take a stand for. We are being called to RISE UP and face them, to open our hearts and feel the pain they have left behind.
Only through feeling, can we begin to create healing. Through feeling we learn to call back home and integrate the fragments of ourselves that we left behind, as a result of these wounds and build ourselves stronger again. To recognise that we were always whole, we had just closed off to feeling it.

Our healing is supported greatly by our Mama Earth. When we feel lost, we can simply look to her to guide the way. In the same way wisdom rests within our wombs from all women who have lived, wisdom rests within the cycles of our Great Mother. We are her children and she teaches us all we need to know… should we simply look and listen and feel.

In Circle we re-learn how to see, to hear, to feel, to open, to expand, to connect.
And so, it was in Circle, that I awakened the pieces of myself I had so long ago forgotten. Had I even known them all yet in this lifetime?

I found the courage to speak, to allow my voice to be heard without worrying about what the response would be.

I found the strength to face my wounds and remove the masks that had me feeling safe, but not whole, until this point.

I found the trust I needed to walk my soul path, regardless of whether anyone chose to walk alongside me.

I found myself and the ability to open to all that it is to be a woman.
I finally recognised who I was.

In Circle, I take a stand for our Earth and leaving behind the gifts of initiation for our daughters, through the power of initiating ourselves. May we heal the wounds of the Feminine and rebirth a new way of being for all women who are yet to come. May we bring ourselves back into harmony with the Earth, for there we learn how to be within ourselves.

Natasha x


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What is your story, that has led you to this path of coming home to yourself?

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Hey beautiful, I'm Natasha!

Mama... of three, soon to be four.  My greatest teachers in life.

Wife... to Ben.  Walking the journey with me, learning how to be in sacred partnership.

Witch... in my blood.  Reclaiming my magic and roots here on this Earth. 

Goddess... knowing I am more than this physical body.  A Divine being, having a human experience. 

This life has been one of highs and lows, but every experience has been a great blessing, even those that brought about pain and tears.  All of these experiences have created me as the woman I am today.  A woman holding such gratitude to be walking this path.  To be finding the power in my voice, whittling away each day at the beliefs and limitations I have carried with me and expanding into a more wild and free expression of myself.  

Life is a journey that can take us to the scary depths within us and allows us to make space for ecstatic joy.  How it unfolds depends on whether we can harness our courage and claim all that we are, or if we let the moments pass us by.

I am here, all in, reclaiming all of the space that was gifted to me because I was born!


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Sacred Offerings

The Full Moon is a powerful time, filled with potential in its purest form.

A potential that calls you to seek your heart and soul’s desires and manifest them in your life.

As women, we have the ability to connect deeply through the cycles of our womb, that are reflected so beautifully in the phases of the Moon.

In Circle, we create safe space for you to be all that you are, in your mess and your glory, perfectly imperfect.  A safe space for you to find the courage to share yourself vibrantly with this world.

Join us as we embrace who we are and harness the power of being a fully expressed woman.

Come to circle and experience:

✨ MEDITATION to quiet your mind, drop into presence and awaken your inner guidance.

✨ MOVEMENT to awaken the feminine within you and find your power as Woman.

✨ INTIMATE SHARING to connect with your Sisters, to ignite the magic that happens when Women gather.

✨ RITUAL to bring energy and intention to all you desire to create in your life.

The Art of Smudging is a workshop to take you deeper in your smoke cleansing practices and allow you to more deeply embody your intention and magic.

In this experiential workshop you will:

  • Practice smoke bathing and connecting to the energetics and spirit of the plants and resins you choose
  • Learn how to embody the experience, so it is a practice of being and not just doing
  • Create a personal invocation for your practice
  • Learn about 8 different plants and resins you can begin using in your practice
  • Craft a feather smoke wand
  • Take a drum journey to discover the medicine of your wand
Join us for the next workshop on Sunday June 28th, 2020


…under a fantastic facilitator who leads with fantastic care, guidance and tutelage. Your abilities to create and hold sacred space have helped shape my now and I am truly honoured and grateful for that. I can only hope that I can be just as inspirational when its right xx

~ Kirsty Barrett
When Natasha invited me to her Circle experience, I knew right away this was what I needed.  During these weeks, I have learnt to accept myself in more ways than I ever thought I would.  I don’t have the self-doubt I had when I first joined circle and my confidence to use my voice and be proud of what I am saying is HUGE. 
Being a part of Circle can be a daunting at first but I promise you, Natasha will ensure you are eased gently in the space she holds and will guide you if you feel stuck."

~ Dani Marshall
"Natasha is such an Angel. She not only facilitates in such a way you felt held but also where you feel she’s joining you in circle. She brings a sense of curiosity and joy to our women gatherings."

~ Ella Sutton


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Natasha Daubney

Women's Circle Facilitator & Coach
Melbourne, Australia

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