Welcome Goddess!
The Barefoot Goddess is a home for Women to come together and reclaim their wild, untamed selves 
through working with the Divine Feminine and the innate wisdom of your Womb.

As we step into our power and find our voice, truth and connection here in this world, we are able to
free ourselves from what is expected of us and instead create a life that lights us up.

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It's time to rise Sister! Rise into the Woman you were born to be!

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Do you want to explore the magic of being a Woman more deeply?

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Womb Wisdom

Whether your womb still resides in your physical body, or is now an energetic womb space, reconnecting with this power centre within you, will guide you to learning how to recognise your personal rhythms, in order to awaken the wisdom that is gifted to you as a Woman.  This is about more than just your menstrual cycle, it's about the magic that lies within it!

When you can attune to your inner rhythms, you become a master at understanding yourself and all that you experience, bringing greater power and magic to all your desire to create in your life. 

Our connection to the Womb is one of our greatest assets and it lights me up to share this old wisdom with you.  To support you as you learn to find your connection with yourself and the world.  To guide you as you activate the energy within your womb.  To witness you as you share the greatest highs and the murky depths of discovering oneself and learning to re-integrate into feeling whole. 

Re-Wild & Untame

“Wild Moon Woman, you were not made to be tame. You are an Earthquake shaking loose everything that is not Soul.” - Elyse Morgan

To come back to your natural state of being.
To release yourself from the bindings of lineage, conformity, expectation, karma.
To come back to your full potential.
This is what it is to become wild and free.  To be untamed.

For too long we have allowed ourselves to be led by what we have learned from those around us. It is time to step into all you were born here to be.  To live life in a way that it has you feeling rooted to the Earth and connected to the Heavens.  To know who you are at your core essence and present it unapologetically to the world.

To speak, to roar, to shake the Earth.  Let us dance the song of our souls one more and make waves of change in this world!

The Inner Circle

They breathed
They danced
They sang
They came to life, heartbeat by heartbeat
Falling into rhythm with one another


They dreamed
They spun
They fell
They helped each other to rise again
Becoming one in their healing

The weavers of a new web

And as their power grew
Their voices louder
Their rhythm stronger
No Sister left behind,
Together, they wove the web

They became the Women of Circle

Join us in the Inner Circle for the Divine Feminine


The Barefoot Goddess is where women can come together to empower themselves and change their lives.

Learn to connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine within you and harness the power of your Womb.

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Natasha Daubney

Women's Circle Facilitator & Coach
Melbourne, Australia

+61 405 059 850